Sushiness is back and better!

Sushiness– a higher form of happiness…

Or as I tried to express in my limited Hebrew,

סושי-נס : נס שיש סושי באיכות טובה ולא יקר בירושלים

(which means “sushi-ness: a miracle [‘nes’] that there’s good quality and not- expensive sushi in Jerusalem!)

After a hiatus which included some tips from various sushi expert chefs and connoisseurs in that mecca of Japanese food, New York, sushiness is back!  This Tuesday evening from 7pm – 11pm, on my shady porch in Nachla’ot, 17 Tiberias St., corner of Even Sapir St., with some verrrry locally grown produce from my own garden!


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1 Response to Sushiness is back and better!

  1. matjew says:

    (my sushi is better than my Hebrew!)

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