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Holistic Night!/event.php?eid=138959062811832&index=1 I’m hosting an evening of sampling local healers’ practices. There will be practitioners of yoga, massage, chinese medicine- acupuncture, mind-body healing, sound therapy, and… sushi! Same place same time as a usual sushiness, tuesday 7pm-1030pm.

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With Home-brewed cold beer to help weather the heatwave…

This coming Tuesday our friend Baruch is bringing his Gush Etzion-brewed beer. At ‘Sushiness’ this week, we’re going to have a bunch of special cold dishes to help counter this unbelievable global-warming oven we call our planet… This coming Tuesday … Continue reading

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Sushiness postponed this week

Due to the wedding of a friend, Sushiness will be postponed to next Tuesday.  Happy day! there will then be the following week as usual– so two in a row!

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Sushiness is Back This Tuesday

Sushiness is a higher form of happiness! סושי-נס: נס שיש סושי באיכות טובה ולו יקרה בירושלים! (my sushi is better than my hebrew…) For those of you who’ve been craving that rare treat, quality affordable sushi, I’m back from a … Continue reading

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