On a sushi-research break

Sushiness is on hiatus until the middle of November.  We’re researching– by eating at places like Kotobuki, the best place on Long Island, and comparing notes with my sister-in-law who’s from Osaka. Look forward to ever-improving happiness through sushi!

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One Year Anniversary Sushiness Hoshanna Rabba party!

It has been one year since Sushiness has been bringing its higher form of happiness into the world! Come be our honored Ushpizin (guests) in our big beautiful hatzer Sukka, and fill up with healthy fish and veggie rolls (and l’chaims: homebrewed beer and honey wine!) as the light of Hoshanna Rabba descends on Jerusalem.

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Holistic Night

http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/event.php?eid=138959062811832&index=1 I’m hosting an evening of sampling local healers’ practices. There will be practitioners of yoga, massage, chinese medicine- acupuncture, mind-body healing, sound therapy, and… sushi! Same place same time as a usual sushiness, tuesday 7pm-1030pm.

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With Home-brewed cold beer to help weather the heatwave…

This coming Tuesday our friend Baruch is bringing his Gush Etzion-brewed beer. At ‘Sushiness’ this week, we’re going to have a bunch of special cold dishes to help counter this unbelievable global-warming oven we call our planet… This coming Tuesday the 24th, open at 7 til 11.

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Sushiness postponed this week

Due to the wedding of a friend, Sushiness will be postponed to next Tuesday.  Happy day! there will then be the following week as usual– so two in a row!

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Sushiness is Back This Tuesday

Sushiness is a higher form of happiness!
סושי-נס: נס שיש סושי באיכות טובה ולו יקרה בירושלים!
(my sushi is better than my hebrew…)

For those of you who’ve been craving that rare treat, quality affordable sushi, I’m back from a trip where I consulted with high-end sushi chefs, bought new cutlery and teacups, and discovered new ways to eat..

On my hatzer in the beautiful, incomparable Jerusalem summer evening weather this Tues evening.

Nigiri sushi and sashimi now available!

Dinner specials starting at-
2 veggie rolls & soup for nis 20
2 fish rolls & soup for nis 25
2 spicy or cooked fish rolls & soup for nis 30

‘Early Bird Special’- by arrangement, call if you want to come by early for take-out anytime after 4

Rainbow and Monster and Dragon and Hippie Rolls available too…

With hot sake shots, miso soup, and hot green tea

Advance orders and take-out available. Also available Wed. morning by arrangement.

comment and tell me what you’d like to see!

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Sushiness is back and better!

Sushiness– a higher form of happiness…

Or as I tried to express in my limited Hebrew,

סושי-נס : נס שיש סושי באיכות טובה ולא יקר בירושלים

(which means “sushi-ness: a miracle [‘nes’] that there’s good quality and not- expensive sushi in Jerusalem!)

After a hiatus which included some tips from various sushi expert chefs and connoisseurs in that mecca of Japanese food, New York, sushiness is back!  This Tuesday evening from 7pm – 11pm, on my shady porch in Nachla’ot, 17 Tiberias St., corner of Even Sapir St., with some verrrry locally grown produce from my own garden!

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