A higher form of happiness.  With all sorts of yummy sushi surprises.  Tuesday night April 12, 6-11 pm, 17 Tiberias St., Nachlaot, Jerusalem…

Last one before Pesach, for all y’all that can’t eat kitniyot…  Sorry I’ve been doing it less often, have been busy.  It looks like it will be finally sunny and warm enough to sit outside in the courtyard! Come, bring friends and beer.  Happy spring!

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California Rolling

Sushiness will be happening next Tuesday Feb 1st, 6pm-1030pm, at 17 Tiberias St., Nachlaot, Jerusalem.

For the first time we’re going to have real California rolls!  Thanks Ahuva.

Don’t miss it, this might be the only time in Feb. as I’m traveling to the states for work later in Feb.

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Nachla’Or Tu B’Shvat Seder at Reshimu

This Wed. evening from 8-1130pm, there will be Sushiness at Reshimu, the amazing community center between Ussishkin St. and the Gerard Behar Center. Nachla’Or is an amazing community organization in Nachlaot, bringing together some of the special ruach and teachers and people of our unique neighborhood.  And the best place for the neighborhood to come together is Reshimu (if you’ve never been to the Thursday night chillout there, well, that ain’t livin!).  Sushiness has been invited to set up shop there.  So please come, and enjoy!

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Sushiness Popping Up in the New Year

Come this Tuesday evening to the best pop-up Sushi restaurant in Jerusalem.  17 Tiberias st., off Ussishkin in Nachlaot (Shaarei Chesed side). Open all evening from 530pm- 1030pm.

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Sushiness is coming to Gush Etzion

There will be Sushiness at the Chanukah ‘Farmer’s Market’ in Bat Ayin in Gush Etzion, at the Tzions down the hill, on Sunday Dec. 5 from 2pm-11pm.

**All are invited and welcome, please spread the word, post on facebook, forward to your friends etc…**
Hope to see ya all there!

Directions: Enter Bat Ayin and continue straight down the main road all the way, passing the Bet Kenneset, and the Midrasha, at the big green garbage can you can veer left continuing downhill and within 100 meters you will see a large 2+ meter Chanukiah (not just there during Chanukah) Turn left there and we are the 3rd house on the right.


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Sushiness returns to Nachlaot!

After a break of almost two months, everyone’s favorite sushi pop-up restaurant returns to rolling! Tuesday, Nov. 23rd we will be open from 6pm- 11pm at 17 Tiberias St., corner of Even Sapir Street.

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Sushiness comes to Armon ha Natziv this Monday!

Sushiness is back! The unparalleled pop-up sushi restaurant helping you to a higher form of happiness! We’re joining JJ & Bayla’s pre-Chanuka party & sale This Monday night from 6pm to 11 pm at 33 Adam St., Armon haNatziv, Jerusalem. Close to Talpiot, Arnona, Bakaa, Abu Tor, and that whole neck of the, um, desert. For all of you who can’t make it so easily to Nachlaot or on Tuesdays!

[Next week Tuesday we’ll be in Nachlaot again, as usual]

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On a sushi-research break

Sushiness is on hiatus until the middle of November.  We’re researching– by eating at places like Kotobuki, the best place on Long Island, and comparing notes with my sister-in-law who’s from Osaka. Look forward to ever-improving happiness through sushi!

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One Year Anniversary Sushiness Hoshanna Rabba party!

It has been one year since Sushiness has been bringing its higher form of happiness into the world! Come be our honored Ushpizin (guests) in our big beautiful hatzer Sukka, and fill up with healthy fish and veggie rolls (and l’chaims: homebrewed beer and honey wine!) as the light of Hoshanna Rabba descends on Jerusalem.

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Holistic Night!/event.php?eid=138959062811832&index=1 I’m hosting an evening of sampling local healers’ practices. There will be practitioners of yoga, massage, chinese medicine- acupuncture, mind-body healing, sound therapy, and… sushi! Same place same time as a usual sushiness, tuesday 7pm-1030pm.

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